The Connection between Sentence Comprehension and Motor Representations

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walk) and nouns of manipulable objects (e.g.. mug) activate regions on the motor cortex. This event is recognized as motor resonance. However, this phenomenon challenges present theoretical explanation of word comprehension. There are two dominant perceptions which are followed in cognitive psychology. The first account is that individuals understand words such as “chew” from previous practice; therefore, for one to comprehend a word they must consider the prior actions and experiences that are connected with that word. The second explanation is an alternative where the word evokes an action. The actions become an automatic byproduct after an individuals resolves the connotation of the word. A recent study conducted by Masson, Bub, and Lavelle at the University of Victoria, examines the degree to which context controls the action representations elicited by a word. The goal of the research question was to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between motor resonance and sentence comprehension. This was analyzed through action representations that are dependent on grasping an manipulable object such as cellphone, wine glass, pencil, hairspray, etc. The two action representations were volumetric (V) actions and functional (F) actions. Volumetric actions function to lift or a move an object, whereas, functional actions implement the expected function…
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