The Connections between Holden Caulfield's Problems in The Catcher in the Rye

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Sara Prusik
Mrs. Quick
English 11
6 November 2009
Ties to Holden’s Problems “I felt like jumping out the window. I probably would 've, too, if I 'd been sure somebody 'd cover me up as soon as I landed. I didn 't want a bunch of stupid rubbernecks looking at me when I was all gory” (104). Holden is a complex character with mixed emotions about everything; many times contradicting his own thoughts and beliefs. Holden’s struggles are due to the lack of parental attention, the death of his younger brother, and his unusual relationships with other characters in the novel, “The Catcher in the Rye.” “My parents would have about two hemorrhages apiece if I told anything pretty personal about them” (1). Struggles in Holden’s life
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Holden cannot deny this to his sister. Phoebe goes on to suggest that Holden needs to realize that their brother is dead and there is no going back. Holden has problems admitting his true feelings and cannot get over the loss of his brother. This is the true essences of the book. Holden’s unusual relationships throughout the story cause him yet even further problems. Holden decides to hire a prostitute. This becomes a problem for Holden because he is never able to connect with her in anyway. He spends the evening talking to her about all of his problems. He pays her the money but she demands more, this ultimately ends up with Holden getting hurt by her pimp. Another troublesome situation occurs when Holden becomes friends with a stranger on the train; the stranger turns out to be the mother of a classmate whom he despises. The boy’s name is Earnest and he has a reputation at Pency Prep of being unpopular which his mother is already assumed. Holden then goes on to lie and convince the mother that her son is the most popular student in school. To Earnest’s mother Holden introduces himself as Rudolph, giving her the name of the janitor at school, and lies further about his reasoning for leaving Pency Prep early stating he has a tumor. This situation is detrimental for Holden because he continues to live his life full of lies. He never owns up
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