The Connections between Poetry and Science

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Poetry is a form art that involves language, imagery, and emotion. These key elements can be expressed in many ways just as there are many ways to interpret poetry. While the poet can have a decisive meaning for the poem, the reader can interpret in many different ways that can be and usually are different from what the poet originally meant. In some cases, time can have an impact on what the poem means or how it is read. I know that I get a different meaning and feel from poems I wrote over a year ago than what I remember feeling about them at the time they were written. It is all frames of mind and the emotions behind the poems. For me, as a chemistry major, I make connections between poetry and science. While there are fundamental differences between the two there are many ways that they relate back to each other. My experiences with the language of science and chemistry influence the way I write poetry and the way that I interpret other poetry. As well as the fact that poetry is influencing my science writing and the way that I think about both topics. I have a different frame of reference when I play with language than other people and I think that shows in my poetry. Science, on a molecular level, can be very poetic. Molecules interact with each other to form reactions. And we think about how and in what matter this happens when we design reactions or trying to determine what is taking place in a particular system. The interactions between molecules are very
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