The Connotation Of The Balanced Scorecard

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The connotation of the Balanced Scorecard shown that not just in the past performance, to put more time on future performance The key performance indicator (KPI) assessment card for a manufacturing enterprise Corporate and departmental level, KPI index, responsibility decomposition Corporate level KPI indicators financial indicators Customer indicators Internal operating indicators Learning growth indicators - Production output value - Inventory turnover - Target customer satisfaction - External customer complaint rate - Pass rate of finished product - Order delivery rate - Training plan achievement rate - Internal employee satisfaction Departmental KPI indicators Production department Purchasing Department QC department - per-capita output value - Utilization ratio of raw and auxiliary materials - External customer complaint rate…show more content…
Divides enterprise strategy into four perspective, and refine the key performance indicators, conducts performance evaluation for companies, departments, teams and individuals the key performance index has the advantages of easy quantification, measurement, assessment, and monitoring to the enterprise.. 3. The Balanced Scorecard straighten out the production and management process, and is an important way for managers and employees to communicate with each other. In the process of improving the business process and management process, enterprises will inevitably cause communication barriers among different levels of employees, departments Relatively clear data expressed through four different perspective Introduction of Benchmarking Benchmarking. 'The establishment, through data gathering, of targets and comparators, through whose use relative levels of performance (and particularly areas of underperformance) can be identified. By the adoption of identified best practices it is hoped that performance will improve.. Operational status. -Current
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