The Cons Of Standardized Testing

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The Standardized Testing System, instituted in the public school system, has been used as a guideline in assessing a student’s comprehension of the subjects taught in the classroom and for measuring a teacher’s aptitude of relating the subject material to the students (Fletcher). Florida has instituted a new Bill SB-736 that will now no longer grant teacher’s tenure, and will use the scores from the FCAT to decide whether a teacher will keep their job. While originally created to help the school system, standardized testing has been shown to have many problems, and even to cause harm to students, teachers, and schools. The standardized testing system must be severely revamped, as well as the way the scores affect the schools the students…show more content…
I have equally high expectations for all of the students in my charge. If a teaching strategy fails to work for a student in my room, I will find an alternative method. After all, I want each student to succeed, no matter what kind of effort I must put forth” (Brennan). This quote epitomizes to me that the teacher will play a heavy part in a student’s success, and this does not always translate over into the test scores. Another situation to factor in is a student who has come from a bad teaching environment and has little education. There is a teaching method called TPR that teaches the students using a system that does not test, but does. This method will have students physically do exercises that involve math problems, Spanish words, etc as a method of learning. This teaching is very effective for those who have learning difficulties, yet how can students who learn in this manner be expected to take the same test as those without these learning disabilities (Nelson). A teacher may help this student in many ways, however the student may have lower scores due to the deficiency of knowledge they possess. The teacher will then be punished for having this student score poorly when in fact they have done nothing but help this student. SB 736 does offer a reward for teachers who are teaching at at-risk schools,
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