The Cons and Pros of University

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University for me is where I begin my future career and adapt my learning in this area. The three major changes for me were settling into university life, working in groups and time and stress management. All of these have impacted my university experience and I am going to talk about how. Settling into university life was slightly different for me, because I chose not to move into any residency, so I commuted instead. Commuting for me is a lot cheaper than living in halls and because I don’t live to far away, it seemed logical. However there is still a cost incurred with this, such as petrol and servicing your car. You also have the road traffic to contend with and making sure you leave in adequate time to get to your lecture. I think…show more content…
However I still think it is crucial to have a balance so I do make time for my self. The hardest part for me was organizing my time, as Cottrell says “Know when and where you should be for scheduled classes, events and tests.” (2012, p.14) And this for me is vital because of the structure and getting into a routine. My next change at university was working in groups and working with new people. This was personally a challenge for me because working with people you don’t know very well can be very daunting due to the fact that you don’t know what strengths people have. Belcher (no date) say’s that “Working as a team not only helps to showcase people's various strengths, but can also allow for compensation of weaker areas as well.” Which I agree with, so getting to know your group members was also another thing to consider, in order to find out students strengths and weaknesses. Also when working in groups I think its important that everyone should play an equal part otherwise, as Emclen and Beck suggested “One member of the group can try to dominate, insisting on his or her point of view and want to take the largest share of presentation time.” (2004) This unfortunately did happen in our group, however we did approach this in a mature manner and decided it best to go around the table for ideas rather than have people shout out. Also in our group the effort wasn’t shared. I felt like I was doing a lot of the work including the arranging for a place
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