The Cons of Animal Testing Essay

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At this moment, millions of animals know cold cages in laboratories as home, but why? Some of these animals are subjects for medical research purposes, while others are used out of pure curiosity and to test different products. Majority of these animals are used in painful experiments and are left in agony. While many of them die, a few animals survive, but these unfortunate ones wish they could be put out of their misery as well. Although scientists have resources they could use to lower the pain each animal endures and even alternatives of their test subjects, millions of innocent creatures are still suffering. The fact that animals are still used when animal experimentation is avoidable and not necessary makes animal testing unethical.…show more content…
That is why people encourage scientists to analyze their entire experiment before they go through with it. Scientists should also be able to justify the use of a number of animals in a specific experiment. Researchers need to be able to prove animals were absolutely needed for the experiment because many scientists have become uncertain about the reliability of the results fashioned by tests performed on animals. Results produced by an animal do not accurately determine how a human will react due to differences between their bodily processes, structure, and digestion. Although there are similarities between humans and animals, there are also many differences. Animals and humans with the same health problem may not have the same symptoms. How can an experiment on a rat to test a cancer drug show how a human with cancer will respond to the same treatment when people themselves react differently to identical cancer treatments? In fact the American Anti-Vivisection Society (2013) projects nine out of ten drugs that help animals in experiments are unsuccessful when tested on humans (Scientific Limitations of Using Animals section, para 1). It is dangerous to apply these drugs to humans. Not only is money wasted on experiments that fall short of a cure, but people waiting to be healed are dying when that money could be used on more promising tests. The National Anti-Vivisection Society (2012) declares scientists have made it a routine to
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