The Conscience And Moral Conscience

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We are faced with choices that add or take away from our love for God, love of ourselves, or love of our neighbors, and it is the job of every conscience to help guide us to making the right choice. Every day, we are faced with choices that are immoral and moral. Our conscience helps us solve the problems, especially when it comes to dealing with good or bad. Our conscience is connected to God because everyone in the world knows, deep down, that they are to be and do good, and this obligation could come only from God. I think that our conscience is a very real thing, and it plays a large role in the purity of our lives. However, we need to begin by defining exactly what the conscience is and how it works exactly. The conscience is defined…show more content…
Conscience played a large part in the story of Mihail in Dostoevsky’s “The Grand Inquisitor” and the movie “Crimes and Misdemeanors” by Woody Allen. Conscience is very present in both of these works and I will talk about how the ideas of conscience relate to the book and movie. In Book VI of Dostoevsky’s book, Mihail confesses that he murdered the woman he loved in cold blood. In order to get away with it, he stole some of her possessions and blamed the crime on the servant. The servant was charged with murder; however, he was sick and died a week later. Mihail didn’t feel guilt right away, but he did regret killing the woman he loved. He states, “Fourteen years I’ve been in hell. I want to suffer. I will take my punishment and begin to live” (pg. 63). This shows how his conscience has been eating away at him for so long and how he is finally feeling guilty after so many years. In the movie “Crimes and Misdemeanors,” conscience plays a large part in the lives of multiple characters. Judah Rosenthal is a wealthy ophthalmologist. We come to find out that he has been having an affair with an airplane stewardess, Deloris, for the past two years. In addition to the affair, he has also been having some questionable financial transactions. Judah has been trying to end his affair with Deloris, but Deloris refuses to let Judah go and she threatens to expose him for his wrongdoings if he leaves her. Deloris demands that he leaves his

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