The Conscious Cloud - Original Writing

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Chad Broderick Julie Rohling Programming Foundations 9 September, 2016 The Conscious Cloud I woke up in an unfamiliar place strapped to what seemed to be an operating table. The last thing I remember was being in my home, getting ready for bed. Where was I? As I looked around, I saw walls covered in rusted metal grating. It was very dimly lit with a very unnatural red lighting. The door to the room was heavy and metal, something that you would find in a space ship. There was some sort of terminal next to it that had what appeared to be a touch screen interface. There were old, oxidized tables around the perimeter of the room with very high-tech looking computers sitting on them. The juxtaposition of the decrepit, dingy room against the futuristic computers had me perplexed. There was nobody around except for me and everything was silent. I had to figure out what was going on. Frantically, I looked around for anything that I could use to break free from the restraints holding me to the table. I noticed a scalpel sitting on a small metal table next to me. The restraints were loose enough that I was able to reach it. I took the sharp instrument and sawed away at the leather straps, accidentally cutting myself in the process. As I freed myself, I quickly ran to the door. After trying to use the touch screen terminal, it was clear the door was locked shut. I then made my way to the computers. I majored in Information Technology in college and worked for Google, so I was no
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