The Conscious Good Of Unconscious Evil Essay

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The Conscious Good of Unconscious Evil Questioning the world as observers and contemplating what constitutes a moral code versus following the norm play a major role in self growth. The frustrating contradictions of one’s self-aware mind begin to unwind into its own understanding of what’s real and the illusion. Illusions can be underlined with beliefs, faith and perception of someone’s own experiences and mistakes. The Mistakes that are made throughout a lifetime are essential to understanding between right and wrong. They give Justice and the injustice actions the unclear and incoherent meaning of good from evil. Revelations made through learning from mistakes sometimes can come in the most inopportune times. Reading the story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” Flannery O’Conner gives a taste of the hypocrisy and selfishness of what the subconscious part of humanity can be. The lifeless taste of evil “The Misfit” twisted with the rudimentary philosophical good of the “grandmother” foreshadows humanity as a whole and independently. The story shows us the problematic mechanics in belief and faith with the blunt truth being as evil as it can be, due to lack of understanding of ones’ self. The grandmother is projected as a symbol of conscious good with the intentional norm humanity strives to be. Making her position throughout the story full of wisdom and righteousness through her illusion of what it means to be a lady. Only through a life threatening experience with the misfit

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