The Conscript Wilfrid Wilson Gibson Analysis

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Wilfrid Wilson Gibson was a British Georgian poet and a lot of his work gets associated with World War 1. The poet’s work originally started out as magical story-telling; then abandoned that style for a more honest, realistic style to life. Not life for the upper class, but for the low level workingman. The switch to talking about the life of the working class made his work more real; his war poems were told through the view of the common soldier. His switch in his poetry theme was not pleasing to everyone though. A conscript is compulsory enlistment for state services, specifically armed forces. “The Conscript” is about how working class men, the conscripts, are being examined by doctors to see if they are in the proper conditions to go to war or be sent home. The doctors do not care if the men die instantly when they go to war. In “The Conscript,” Wilfrid Wilson Gibson develops the theme of the predestined death for the common man. The poet does this by…show more content…
Macabre is shocking and gruesome, like the description of the conscripts bodies as they wait to be examined, “ death Of mangled limbs, blind eyes, or a darkened brain,” (Lines 5-6). Living death explaining they are so badly injured they might as well be dead. Darkened brain is how mentally and physically affected they are and their dreams are dark, the same as nightmares. In the line prior to these the word hasty is used meaning how quickly the soldiers will go into war and die without even being cared about. Gibson develops his own personality with the usage of tone, he is the voice of the ordinary soldier that gets forgotten about during the time of the big war. The men being examined are being examined for their death and to have nightmares from the war which is what Gibson wants the reader to understand that these men being forced to fight are being forced into their death.
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