The Conseption Of Powingder In The Movie Powder And You Re Not Alone

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Xenophobia came from the Greek word "xenos" which means a foreigner. According to Healthtopia, "Xenophobia is the condition where the person feels threatened and terror when confronted by a person with a different background." The movie Powder and You Re Not Alone are example of why we are afraid of strangers. Not all strangers are bad people. Some strangers you have to look out for and others could be really good people.

Powder is an albino teenage boy who is very intelligent and was shunned after the death of his last relative. People started judging and criticizing powder, not even knowing who he was, what he looked like, or the type of person he was. The special abilities that he had made him an outcast. In the readings it says, "The stranger in town becomes shrouded with suspension. Every action is scrutinized. Every inaction is a sign of guilt." The writer's argument is, don't judge a book by its cover.

After the death of one of his grandparents, he is discovered and sent to state home where he has trouble fitting in. His unusual appearance and abilities caused the people in the town to mock and fear him. Sheriff Barnum's wife, Emma is sick and in a coma and sheriff is unsure of what he should to help her. Jessie asks Powder to pay Emma a visit to see if he could help. He touches Emma and shares her thoughts with the sheriff. It becomes clear to Powder that he will fit in with the others, so he runs away and goes back home. Had they not judged him, they would be able to see the good and potential in him. The writer/director wants the audience to think that our judgements and criticism shields us from seeing the good and beauty in someone or something. His point is that we only perceive what is in front of us. We as people are afraid of strangers because we taught to. The word stranger has a series of definitions. According to, A stranger can be a person with whom one has had no acquaintance, a newcomer in a place or locality. An outsider, or a person who is not a member of the family, group, community, or a visitor.

The Intended audience seems to be Adults, or anyone into fantasy and mystery movies. The writer's purpose in writing the film is to persuade or convince the audience to

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