The Consequences For A Child

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The Consequences for a Child in a Single Parent Household It is a well-known fact that single parent families provide less than optimal environments for raising children regardless of the country. The quality of parenting is less when compared to those children who live at home with both of their parents. According to Nicholson, D’Esposito, Lucas, and Westrupp (2014), they suggested there is strong evidence emphasizing how children in single-parent fare more poorly when compared to children in two-parent families, which includes, behavioral and emotional problems, poor school success, lower literacy and achievement in adolescence, higher rates of dropping out of school, young parenthood, single parenthood and relationship instability. It…show more content…
The lack of motivation to stay in school can reflect on their low-test scores and result in a poor educational attainment. According to USDA (2013), single mothers spend over half of their income on housing expenses and a third on child care, leaving the family with less money for educational expenses like school supplies or tutoring. Children in homes with two biological parents differ from those who live in a single parent home based on their educational wellbeing. According to Amato (2005), children that came from a broken family system had worse effects that their peers in school. Using past meta-analysis research from the 1960s-1980s, children were measured for academic success but failed to display high rates due to the weak emotional bonds they shared with their parents. Children that only have one parent have low academic test scores because of the lack of parental support. Those children that had both parents also reported to have a higher standard of living with parental support and an emotional bond. In contrast with children from a single parent home, they had lower life expectancies and motivation in school (Amato, 2015). Amato and Keith (1991) found that children that come from a one parent household has a less likely chance to achieve high grades because of the absence of a parent creates stress for the child. The child can create higher academic scores
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