The Consequences Of Accepting An Invitation For Happy Hour? Alcoholism

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Have you ever considered the consequences of accepting an invitation to happy hour? Alcoholism is, “a chronic disorder marked by excessive and usually compulsive drinking of alcohol leading to psychological and physical dependence or addiction” (“Alcoholism”). Drinking while driving is against the law and an arrestable offense. Many argue that drinking alcohol moderately, in a safe environment will not cause harm. Despite this, it is more complicated when people drink without limiting themselves which can lead to hostility and long-term effects on the brain and the people in your life. People should not drink alcohol because it can cause drinking and driving which often leads to death, drinking can and will cause brain damage, and…show more content…
What is important to notice here is that this statistic is over a third of all traffic-related deaths. The evidence shows more people need to take into consideration of alcohol consumption and driving home because the alcohol in one 's blood can have several effects, even if the effects are only drowsiness or rowdiness. In the long run, the priority of keeping everyone safe requires a simple call to a taxi service or a friend that has not been drinking. If someone has been drinking alcohol, it may not hit the driver until later, so they will not know the effects of what could happen. A long-term effect in the future could be serious brain damage. People should not drink because it can cause serious brain damage over time. A common myth is that drinking in small amounts could not cause brain damage. This point is logical, “according to a recent study by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence half the public believes addiction is a personal weakness” (“Alcoholism is”). Despite this, the more alcohol consumed, the further damage to the brain is more likely. Even drinking small amounts over a period of time will have an effect on one 's health. Over time, consuming alcohol can and will cause major or minor brain damage. A study done had reported, “repeated use of alcohol alters the way the brain works”

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