The Consequences Of Addressing Or Failure For Address A Fall Risk

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Fall are largely preventable are more common in the elderly. They are as a result of two or more factors more commonly environmental. How we respond to risk factors to falls shape the outcome of our encounter or those of other with the fall risk. In this paper, the author discuss the consequences of addressing or failure to address a fall risk and the effect that this has on the individual, risk for litigation and the organization at large.
Mark, was running late that morning, when he identifies a spill on the floor, his decision would either assist keep the environment safe by taking a moment to call the environmental services team while guarding the area to avoid falls or assume someone walking near the spill will see and avoid stepping on it. Every day will encounter opportunities for decision making that work to either improve or hinder patient care (GCU, n.d).
If Mark fails to report, he would lock in his unit in time but expose other in the building to a fall risk. As narrated in the scenario, which result to an accidental fall. The old woman is injured which means, unplanned for hospitalization, the associated cost, change of plan for the client or staff who has to be treated first, loss of trust to the institution, and reimbursement challenges if the service payer declines on basis of failure to keep the environment safe. Among others.
Mark’s failure to address the spill, would make the environment unsafe. “50% of all fall are as a result of an environmental factor
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