The Consequences Of Air Pollution

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Air pollution is a global issue that the community should act upon to prevent any further consequences. Air pollution is caused by toxic chemicals in the air. The essential wellsprings of pollution are heaters in processing plants, motors in vehicles and the consuming of junk. Air Pollution is a hurtful substance to the air that brings harm to the Earth and human wellbeing. Some air pollutions come back to earth as acidic rain, which it can harm crops, and make streams harmful for other plant and creature life. Haze is another outcome from air pollution, which is destructive to people. Global warming can likely be a reason, because of air pollutions, which makes the earth temperature increase. Air pollution is a global issue that concerns the environment because it can negatively affect the health of the environment, cause global warming, as well as acidification. If everyone lets this event continue, then it can affect the wellbeing of the environment and the individuals around it.

Air pollution can drastically affect the health of the environment in various ways that can affect the quality of life of individuals. For example, ground level ozone is a colorless gas that is formed when nitrogen oxides volatile organic compounds react in the sun. This ozone is the reason why there is smog. Air pollution causes exhaustion of the ozone layer, which permits a more prominent number of bright beams to earth, that can be destructive for people. This issue affects not only human
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