The Consequences Of Antigone

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Antigone buried her brother because she believed it was simply the right thing to do. This is why she accepted the consequences to her actions; she knew the consequences and was willing to die for doing the right thing. Antigone accepted her punishment, died with pride and she was confident with her choice without looking back once. But some could say she was selfish and never thought of the consequences of other people, but those people decided to join her because of Creon not Antigone. Over all, Antigone was right for what she did because she knew what was going to happen and accepted it with open arms. In Ancient Greece, they believe that the afterlife is the most important because you are there for an eternity. Antigone acknowledged the punishment of burying her brother but didn’t care because she felt she was doing the moral thing, by respecting her family. She proved that she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants and she won’t stop until she gets it. In the real world this means she is willing to be suicidal in order to get what she wants. Her risk was going against the law and burying her beloved brother in honor of his death. She knew the consequence of this action was going to be death and was okay with it. She states, “Then I beg you: kill me.” Now that she's gotten her wish by burying her brother, she is open to death. This affects Creon greatly because Antigone was an enemy that will never give up, which is indomitable.
Before the burial of

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