The Consequences Of Catfishing And The Social Media

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The first thing that comes up when my friend googles her name is a facebook profile with her name, hometown, and a photo of her face - but it isn’t her.
Catfishing is a cyber phenomenon that is taking over our generation. Fake profiles plague our screens and our social media. They appear so frequently, it is often difficult to distinguish the difference between real and fake. However, this isn’t the biggest issue catfishing causes. We often think of the victims of catfishing as the people who are tricked into relationships with these fake profiles. However, the real victims are the person whose pictures they’re using, the people whose information is being duplicated over and over again to create these fake profiles. It’s identity fraud, and we need to treat it as such.
Catfishing is a term coined after the 2010 documentary ‘Catfish’ that featured a man who fell in love with a woman online who wasn’t who he thought she was. A catfish refers to someone online who significantly deceits someone else by creating a fictitious online identity according to ____. This often includes using someone else’s photos, snatching their personal and playing them off as their own (
Meanwhile, identity fraud refers to any instance where someone wrongfully uses another person’s personal information and data in a way that involves deception, according to ____. Catfishing sounds eerily similar to identity fraud, so why
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