The Consequences Of Destiny In Franz Kafka'sThe Metamorphosis?

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Destiny is often thought to connect everything, to be the sole reason something, or a series of events, happens. In Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning only to find that he has been transformed into an insect. It has now become his destiny to live the rest of his life as a bug instead of financially supporting his whole family. Does Kafka’s universe feel any obligation o Gregor? Does he accept his new destiny? Does he fight it? Gregor, not wanting to accept his new fate, tries to regain some normalcy with his family regularly. Him being turned into a bug slowly makes his entire family resent him, to the point of them not wanting any reminders that he is there, to cleaning out his room and keeping him locked up at all times. In this story, the universe that Kafka has created doesn’t seem to have any obligation to Gregor, its work has been done since it’s provided Gregor with a way to have an easy life now. If the universe had felt any sort of obligation towards this man, it probably would have helped him out when his family started to turn their backs on him. It would have made sure he didn’t feel completely left out and that his transformation wouldn’t have resulted in his family resenting him. Gregor had accepted the fact that he would forever provide everything for his family, working himself to death to make sure that they ate and that they had everything that they needed. He fights his new destiny tooth-and-nail; he doesn’t want to accept
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