The Consequences Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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By dropping the atomic bomb, it evoked more conflict and new means of destruction between the countries. Conventional wisdom implies that as countries develop stronger, more advanced technology and weapons, it offers them military advantages and power over others. While dropping the bomb on Japan in 1945 may have been, at the time, a strategic decision in winning the war for the United States, did they think about the consequences that could occur in the future? Or were they more focused on being the first nation to use nuclear weapons? According to V. Bush and J.B Conant, if another country had developed a stronger, more powerful bomb before the United States, we would have been in “a terrifying situation if hostiles should occur.” They also…show more content…
In addition, when one country obtains nuclear weapons, it’s neighboring country argues for their right to protect their citizens with their own nuclear arsenal. The decision of dropping the bomb in 1945 accelerated a rising fear and led to further conflict as countries chased in the pursuit of dangerous nuclear weapons. In addition, it drastically weakened the United States. According to Truman, even though the Japanese leadership was ruthless and merciless, the United States being known as the “leader of the world for common welfare” (Truman) should not have dropped the bomb in the first place. The use of nuclear weapons diminished the trust between the United States and other nations and it could ultimately create an environment that may lead to many irrational decisions with extreme consequences. “If we use the weapons now our position in future negotiations will be prejudiced” (J.R. Oppenheimer). Having the reputation of using nuclear weapons and bombs put the United States in an uncompromising and very vulnerable
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