The Consequences Of Failure In College Writing

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When I began taking English 1101 I was confident in my writing. I thought my writing was good and would at least get me a “B” at the collegiate level. But I was so wrong, the first college paper I wrote was a disaster. My grade was far from a “B.” In high school I could procrastinate and do papers the night or two before they are due. That would be the biggest mistake I would make upon entering college. I received a 69.5 on my first paper, “C” if you were to round and “D” if you kept the grade as is. After this paper I seen how Writing a paper the night before caused me to have too many unnecessary errors. The main error or problem I missed was I failed to make the essay personal. Again because I waited so late to do the paper, I misunderstood the directions which not only caused me to do the assignment wrong but also do it with low efficiency. Aside from doing the paper last minute, I also had some flaws or weaknesses in my writing to hurt the overall grade of my paper.
For my first paper which I received the worst grade on, that’s just what I did. I waited until the night before to do it. Waiting until the last minute to do this paper was my worst ideal yet. My thoughts were jammed, rushed and points were consistently left unclear. Over the course of this class, I began to take more and more time while writing papers, which then began to result in higher grades on my papers. As I look back at “Paper 1”, I see I had words left out of many sentences, points were jumping

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