The Consequences Of Fast Food Industry

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Economically the world has changed substantially through the influence of the fast food industry. Drastically¬ forcing our generation, to transform our lifestyle in order to fully adapt the social, health and economical state we live in. Our family structures have evolved forcefully, as the demand of easy, efficient, manageable meals are now within a reach of a hand. This sets the foundation of the fast developing industry. Maximizing their profits to the extent of risking the innocent delicate lives, as we ingest the dirty, artificial food, we are the ones responsible for the increasing epidemic of this generations obesity and health problem. The demand for fast food is increasingly desired as the request of consumers ingest the fundamental food produced is gradually prospectively damaging the influenced to our society, leaving us with the need of the increase rates of excessive obsessed people. This has potentially foresee the outcome fast food that has corrupted the fatal potential health problems many face today. People are unaware of the consequences involved in the vast health issues that give negative impacts. While the generation is still situated in the extreme danger of the obesity problem exceeding the consumption of processed food products, the problem strikes us more as children consuming fast foods, now are influenced the growth problems that play the role as they reach their early onset development. If hormones can make a animal fat, the problem if we had
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