The Consequences Of Fate In Romeo And Juliet

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“Is it e'en so? Then I defy you, stars!”(Rom 5.1. 24). The characters in Romeo and Juliet believe that the stars, or fate is against them. Throughout the play the two protagonists rushed into decisions or did not think about the consequences. Romeo and Juliet’s actions caused their own troubles rather than the blamed fate. The first altercation that was blamed on fate was when Romeo was banished. This could have been prevented, but instead Romeo lets his emotions take control rather than common sense. Tybalt may have killed Mercutio, but Romeo killing Tybalt is just as horrible. “All Slain, all dead. ‘Romeo is banished’-There is no end no limit, measure, bound, In that word’s death; no words can that word sound”(Jul 3.2 129-131) Once Romeo hears the order given by the prince he is devastated. Why was fate against them? They had just gotten married! Juliet's reaction to the order was as godawful as Romeo’s, and ended up sobbing her eyes out. This dilemma could have all been avoided if Romeo would have thought about his life choices.…show more content…
Once again this could have been avoided by a simple fix. “Well, Juliet, I will lie with thee to-night… come, cordial and not poison, go with me to Juliet’s grave; for there must I use thee”( Rom 5.1 36, 88-89) If Father John had gone straight to Mantua instead of wanting to pick up a friend in another town, a friend who was quarantined due to the plague, Romeo would have gotten the right information. Even if Father John was late, Romeo should have gone to Friar Lawrence to be informed of the whole story.This complication could have been foregone if Father John would have followed orders or Romeo, once again, would have used his
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