The Consequences Of Fear InThe Fall Of The House Of Usher?

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A research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health explains, “when the fear response is disproportionate or lasts a lot longer than what is normally expected from the situation - to a point where it interferes with an individual's well-being and daily functioning - it is classed as an anxiety disorder” (Sandoiu). Everyday we encounter new situations that can affect the way we act and how we function. Fear, a natural instinct that could stop people from living their lives to the fullest. However, fear can also protect someone from a harmful situation, such as the consequences of drugs. All people fear what they do not know. The unknown will cause a person to let fear consume him or her as a whole, almost like a virus of the soul. When fear takes over a person’s rational side is thrown out by his or her’s scary imagination causing him or her to feel that their life is unstable. Imagination overcomes reason when our minds are no longer capable of making logical reasons in a certain situation. Oftentimes when a fearful situation occurs, our minds immediately conclude the most dreadful thoughts when there is no logical reason. In the gothic story “The Fall of the House of Usher,” author Edgar Allan Poe uses fear to capture his readers’ attention. In the story, Roderick Usher let fear control him by letting him believe that he buried his own sister alive. Usher believes that when he was burying his sister, he heard her crying out for help. His mind let him believe
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