The Consequences Of Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking can be compared as modern day slavery. Most American population lives a close radius of someone who was a victim of human trafficking. It is a serious issue, which has been discovered in most, if not all, states. Human trafficking for sexual exploitation is on the rise (Bennetts, 2011). The Age of Information has created more accessibility to this industry of sex trafficking.
Information is the driving power in the modern world. Internet access provides an almost unlimited amount of information. Society has become spoiled and demands instant gratification. As technology advances, the curiosity of humans and wandering onto dark consumer markets grows, resulting in serious consequences. One serious market is Human Sex Trafficking.
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This industry is enormous and makes profit from human slavery in the form of sex. This is a rising issue, which needs to be brought to headline importance, proving human right violations and loss of freedom.
Sex trafficking can be defined as an opportunistic crime, with an underground framework having no boundaries. It is powered by a worldwide market, which weakens cultural differences and destructs human lives. Commercial sex acts are high in demand, but a shortage of willing sex workers prompts expansion of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is assessed to produce "$32 billion dollars" annually ( The money produced through abuse of people is astonishing. It stems from one of the most morally controversial issues society faces
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Traffickers transfer the victims to unknown locations. These locations frequently change, as often daily or weekly. This process leaves the victims feeling unbalanced and helpless ( Sex traffickers move through reliable and firm methods. Organizations of sex trafficking oftentimes confide and depend on each other for resources and techniques (Polaris Project).
The sex-trafficking industry is based by shady organizations whose purpose is to deliver commercial sex by human exploitation. Victims are kept under high surveillance due to the high risk in the nature of this industry. “Heavy security at the commercial establishment including barred windows, locked doors, isolated location, electronic surveillance,” are a few ways that victims are held captive ( The sex victims are not allowed to pocket any profit, nor do they leave the premises. Their purpose is to directly serve to their
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