The Consequences Of Isolation In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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Being an outsider is considered to be someone who is isolated and disconnected from others. This isolation can result in many tragic outcomes, one being depression and in other cases even worse. In the Modernist short story, The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka portrays a character who has been treated like a bug before his physical metamorphosis which caused him to make one very bad decision. Before Gregor’s transformation into a bug, he experiences living a miserable life at both work and home. When Mr.Samsa’s business failed, Gregor took the job of a travel salesmen and was left with the responsibility of financially helping out the family. Despite the fact that Gregor had the desire to quit his job, he felt forced to come up with “the money to pay off… [his] parents’ debt” (138). In order for that to happen, Gregor would attend his demanding job everyday, and although his job was stressful, he worked extremely hard to get what he earned. For the past five years without ever missing a da, he estimated it will take another five to six years to completely pay off the debt. At first his family was very thankful for Gregor’s hard work, but as time passed they began to see it as his obligation and were so used to him providing for them that they became to appreciate his work less and less everyday. But when Gregor is not able to make it to work for the first time, his boss has the nerve to show up to his house and complain that his “productivity has... been very unsatisfactory”
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