The Consequences Of Mphanda Nkuwa

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“Mphanda Nkuwa ”
“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” Living in a country with as little supply as possible, imagine farming, and doing things you never did before to survive. It works and a few years you and your family have now settled in a village your happy. life is decent, not much to complain about. Located in Zambezi Basin which is home to close to forty million people, must now get up and move due to contraction that is about to take place. The field that once was filled with workers, a creek with swimming fishes. A village that cultivated many products, selling and buying making a living is and now you are being told to move. Questions swimming in your head as to how, where and will we be compensated for the life that we are already use to.
This is the problem that raises, not only for the men of the village but the woman as well. Some are worried that they will have nowhere else to go. Others are worried about finding another source of income. The people feel as if the government is not listening to their concern, and they have every right to feel this way. The risk of Mphanda Nkuwa have not been assessed and could have daring consequences. There are economic of course, considering that dams are well known for falling short of their goals and often under–perform. According to This is signaled by the fact that Mozambique’s largest dam, Cahora Bassa, finds it difficult to sell the power it produces at a fair price. In a video titled “we fear the unknown future” testimonies of Mphanda Nkuwa Dam Affect” Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world and if Mphanda Nkuwa encounters a similar problem, Mozambican citizens would pay the consequences. The environmental impacts of the project are also detrimental to the river and those whose livelihoods depend upon a healthy river. The dam's intermittent turbine operation would negatively affect the downstream ecosystem. According to the feasibility study, "intermittent turbine operation with large daily variation in flow and level would reconfigure the river channel… Reconfiguration of the channel would have significant consequences for the ecology of the river,

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