The Consequences Of Student Athletes

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First off, the athletes are the root of all the income the NCAA brings in. Billions of dollars are raked in off of athletes’ effort. The NCAA states, “The most recent estimate from the NCAA research staff is that college athletics programs annually generate about $6.1 billion from ticket sales, radio and television receipts, alumni contributions, guarantees, royalties and NCAA distributions. Another $5.3 billion is considered allocated revenue, which comes from student fees allocated to athletics…” (NCAA 1). This reveals the insane amount of revenue that the NCAA brings in. None of this money is seen by the source of it. With this kind of revenue, paying the student athletes just a small cut of it would not hurt a nonprofit organization…show more content…
But college athletes do not get a royalty or any sort of payment for being in an NCAA sponsored video game. College athletes included in a video game are currently not being paid. The entire college sports organization seems like they want to avoid athletes making profits in any way, shape or form. Overall, athletes should be paid because their performance and their title are the source of all the NCAA’s revenue.
At the same time, these athletes are gold mines; they are living something far from an ordinary student life. People have the perception of college athletes living the dream of playing their sport in school, and returning home to a comfortable lifestyle. The actual reality has been swept under the rug. For instance, Jason Perry, a Track and Field athlete from the University of North Carolina, explains, “College athletes are known to encounter unique stress factors that the general student population does not always face. Because of this, student athletes can be at a higher risk of anxiety and depression” (Perry 1). The unique stress factors that Jason is pertaining to are: money troubles, physical and mental issues, high levels of stress, and balancing being a student and an athlete. Comparatively, these kinds of struggles are similar to ones of someone who works a job. However, an athlete, unlike a worker, is not awarded a pay for their efforts and accomplishments. Athletes involved in sports work even more often than
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