The Consequences Of The Age Of Imperialism In Africa

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The age of imperialism was a result of political, economic, ideological, religious and exploratory motives; that led to consequences such as Indirect and direct control, nationalism, and wars of rebellion. The cause of imperialism is the control of government the Europeans made. They started trade and realized that Africa was easy for the to take over. This was called Social Darwinism, a tactic where every man for himself (Survival of the fittest) shal come on the African land and take as much as possible. Then the discover of Wealth came to power, and diamonds and jewels were common in Africa. This builded up all of Africa’s economics and the Europeans. Also the Europeans took over all the countries in Africa except for Liberia and Ethiopia. The two countries had to learn fast about Europe and for them in tremendously worked. But imperialism only got worst for them, the effect is they made a new imperialism with more forms of control, new methods of management and managing colonies. The main effect of imperialism is the Sphere of Influence. Is increased trading privileges to other countries to do mainly slave trade. After that, the indirect and direct control were made for slavery, direct was for the owner watching and looking after the slaves, and indirect is hiring someone to look after the slaves for you. Many leader used indirect control because they wanted to conquer a lot of land and they hired other people to do it for them. After Europeans kept trying to control
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