The Consequences of Drunk Driving

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The Consequences of Drunk Driving “A friend who dies, it’s something of you who dies,” Gustave Flaubert. When someone dies from drunk driving this is something you may be feeling. The consequences of drunk driving are far too high to even think of driving while under the influence. Every year thousands die from drunk driving or are caught drunk driving, and face consequences such as fines and a loss of license. But, it’s easy to avoid or prevent drunk driving by ordering a taxi or setting a designated driver. Each year people die or are severely injured from drunk driving. “Each year 4,700 teens die as a result of underage drinking before the age of 21,” (Copeland, Larry. “Parents”). The consequences of drinking and driving can…show more content…
The stat shows that adults consider it fine to drink and drive. Yet they do not realize the consequences behind doing it. According to Alcohol Alert, if a drivers BAC is over the legal limit of .08 the driver’s driver’s license may be suspended from weeks to years, (“Consequences”). It’s not worth trying to drive home when there is the possibility of losing your license for life. Life will be very difficult trying to go places without a license. Remember, it is easy to avoid drunk driving and its consequences by simply calling a cab or setting a designated driver. “A convicted drunk driver also faces fines (sometimes in thousands of dollars), jail time, increased insurance costs, attorney fees, court costs, lost time from work, and other penalties that vary from state to state,” (“Consequences”). Losing your license is not the only thing that could be a consequence to driving drunk; a driver could end up paying thousands of dollars in various fees. Driving drunk may also cost a job, which would make money even tighter in an already tight situation. By not driving drunk thousands of dollars can easily be saved. Compare the price of a cab to spending thousands on lawyers and in fines. It’s not worth driving drunk. Again, drunk driving can be prevented by ordering a cab or setting a designated driver. Designated drivers have saved nearly 50,000 lives and

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