The Consequences of Eating Genetically Modified Foods Essay examples

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Eat your poisons, they’re good for you. No one in their right mind is actually going to eat poisons, that’s just asking for a death wish. But what a lot of people in the United States don’t know that we’re already eating life threatening foods daily. We can’t tell these dangerous foods apart from the safe ones, because the US Food and Drug administration refuses to label them. Some of us care about our wellbeing so instead of the FDA poisoning we unknowingly let us poison ourselves if we choose too by the label. Some may not mind eating genetically modified foods, but as for me I don’t want to.
It’s in our meat, it’s in our plants and it’s even in the beverages. Even your local organic shop may have genetically modified products. It roots that deep and avoidance is difficult due to the limited supply of foods labeled Non-GMO (Generically Modified Organism) from willing food companies. Genetically modified foods have been going on for a decade and people like me are just starting to become aware of it and its dangers. The Food and drug administration refuses to label these foods because if they did no one would buy them. They are afraid that if more Americans knew the dangers of modified foods they wouldn’t make a profit.
The consequences of eating genetically modified foods can lead cancer, birth defects and even worse an early death! That’s no exaggeration at all, these foods are being engineered by chemical corporations…

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