The Conservation Of National Parks

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Title: National Parks Rationale National Parks are considered zones of a country that are sheltered by the government due their natural magnificence or because their special history. The importance of National Parks for each country demonstrates the grade of relevance in which these nations are concerned about conservation of natural resources. We have chosen this topic in order to stand out the differences and similarities between Uluru and Yasuní National Parks as product of governments’ agreements and their impacts are mainly focus on social, political and environmental fields. The following paper emphasises those significant points including the aboriginal culture in these conserved areas due to its ancient population contribution to…show more content…
This area is commonly comprise of sand plains, dunes and alluvial desert (UNESCO, n.d.). Uluru has an exclusive type of stone called arkose which is grey but because of rusting looks red (Parks Australia, 2013). The landscape is dominated by spinifex and low shrubs. The diverse and unique landscape at Uluru is principally due to its location. Public Policies Commonwealth’s Authorities concern on nature conservation and cultural Heritage have established many laws especially created in order to protect and preserve National Parks. Those regulations express the Commonwealth’s interest in ecosystem preservation issues and its commitment to save traditional values. Two important regulations declared by the Commonwealth are cited below. -‘National Parks management objective is to identify, protect, conserve, present and transmit a place’s values’ (Boer & Wiffen, 2006). -‘Heritage values recognise that Indigenous people are the primary source of information on the value of their heritage and their active participation assures the effective protection of Indigenous heritage values’ (Boer & Wiffen, 2006). Natural Landscapes The park shows unique and spectacular views, in spite that Uluru location is mainly desert there are several living species such as birds, mammals and plants who grow in this area. The diversity of creatures at Uluru National Park includes ‘twenty two native mammals found in it, including dingo, red kangaroo, several
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