The Conservation Of The Environmental Movement

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I decided to take action for the environmental movement because it is a big issue that impacts everyone. At first, my intent was to volunteer for an organization called “Fresh Roots”, but due to a scheduling conflict, I chose UBC Farm, which is no less essential in its impact in Vancouver’s sustainability. In theory, the environmental movement has succeeded in many of its basic goals, such as bringing attention to local and global problems, educating the public on simple sustainable actions, and starting an international conversation. Nevertheless, there are many issues concerning the climate and living species that have not been resolved yet. - The UBC Farm houses The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems (CSFS), which aims to change global and local food systems to be more Eco-friendly and food secure. They try to find new ways to solve challenges that the sustainability of food systems face, and thus enhance community, personal and environmental health. Their group’s mission is to create a healthy environment through interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative research, and educational engagement with the community. The centre also strives to increase land productivity, and advance ecosystem services; starting from supply (habitat, fuel, food, etc.) all the way to the end-product (greenhouse gas, waste). This weekend, I was able to be a part of this network when I volunteered at one of their fares (the UBC Farm’s Apple Festival). The volunteers were assigned to do a
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