The Conservation Of The Sumatran Elephant

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Shockingly, there is one elephant species that is critically endangered, four that are endangered, and three that are vulnerable. I will be focusing on the Sumatran Elephant, but it is important to point out that numerous species of elephants are endangered. The elephant is not the only species threatened, as according to an International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) study, the number of species that have been threatened has doubled in the past fourteen years. This includes one in eight birds, one in five mammals, and one in three mammals (Lowry). The numbers are continuing to grow, and as a human race, we are failing these species. The destruction of habitats and the overkill of species in hunting have both played monumental roles in increasing this worrying statistic. The lack of regard to other species has caused the Sumatran Elephant to be on the brink of extinction. The Sumatran Elephant natural habitat is on the Islands of Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia, so a fair question to ask would be why we should care and what we should do? Ultimately, like most species, the Sumatran Elephant provides a valuable balance to a healthy forest ecosystem by feeding on plants and deposit seeds. Moreover, with the rapid deforestation in the area, elephants have come into contact with human villages. This creates catastrophic outcomes, as many humans end up being killed, and/or have their homes and crops destroyed. Thus, we as a society must come together to prevent these

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