The Conservation Of Wildlife Animals

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In “Lost in the Wild”, Goodall tells us about her love for the animals, as well as her concern for their future. Through introduction, she discusses that many of the species had and would still be endangered or extinct due to the negligence of human beings. Goodall concerns, “Will a nature-loving child born seventy-five years from now long to see a live elephant as I longed to see a woolly mammoth?”. However, she also mentioned that “sometimes heroic efforts are being made to save and conserve threatened and endangered species.” She ends her introduction by points out the highlight of the stories she is about to recount next. The stories show problems and difficulties people faces as they work on the conservation of wildlife. One of the wildlife animals being discusses is the California condors. Goodall starts the story with a humorous description about the condors; she describes the redness of condors ' bare head and their strong wings. She continued by informs the readers about the decline of California condors and how it raised a controversial between the biologists and the “protectionist” regarding the issue of captive breeding. As the possibility of condors surviving in the wild decreases, the argument finally comes to an end when the “last wild Condors [are] taken into captivity” and “officially extinct in the wild”. Nevertheless, there are many problems occurred during the captive breeding, mostly the concerning the reproduction of the condors. The factors determined
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