The Conservation Status Of Endangered Species

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When studying endangered species, scientists do not simply expect at the species that are most probable to become extinct, but also threatened species that could become threatened in the future as well as critical habitats, which is critical to the survival of both exposed and threatened species in all. Bocking (2009) mentions that, "regulatory agencies frame their objectives in terms defined by science, with contaminants measured in the parts per billion, and the status of endangered species evaluated in terms of population and ecosystem ecologies" (p. 64). The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada also recognized as the COSEWIC is an autonomous committee of wildlife experts and scientists who assess the preservation…show more content…
They also employ a broad range of evidence, but nonetheless, the COSEWIC have to go through the Federal Cabinet for the final decision, where in many instances, it has recoiled, because of this many species have come a great deal closer to extinction, making it more difficult to preserve them, such as the Polar bears. Therefore science does have a huge impact on decision making, but in the end they can only display their cases and evidence and leave it to the Federal Government to decide from there.
The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada has been operating since 1977, however, was legally established by SARA in 2003. The COSEWIC is made up of a distinct assortment of members who possess considerable knowledge and experience with wildlife and biological science, including Aboriginal traditional Knowledge (ATK), environmental science, genetics, wildlife and fisheries management, systematics and risk assessment along with years of domain experience. They include scientists, such as individual specialists, Aboriginal knowledge-holders, government biologists, museum staff or independent biologists. Since they possess such a powerful and wide range of members involved, it results in better scientific studies looking at many views and interests making their
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