The Conservation of Energy Essay

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The Conservation of Energy

Physics Essay: The Conservation of Energy

Since the beginning of time, energy has pervaded our earth. These days we rely on it to advance in our technological developments. We also need energy for a variety of other things such as: to keep our bodies alive and healthy, to run our machines and other technical devices, we also rely on energy to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.
Energy is the ability to do work. People and other things can run out of energy (e.g. a marathon runner) in which case they can no longer have the ability to do work. In a mechanical situation, if a machine has energy it has the ability to apply a force to another body. There are many different forms of energy and there are
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Here is a description of the transformation of energy as a pole-vaulter completes a jump. Firstly, when the pole-vaulter runs forward the muscles in the legs are doing work as a result of energy to push him/her forward. As the pole digs into the ground and stops, the forward motion of the runner causes the pole to bend, giving it elastic potential energy. If the pole-vaulter were to let go of the pole at this point, the pole release upwards rapidly. As he/she jumps off the ground, it slowly releases the elastic potential energy of the pole and transforms it into kinetic energy, forcing the pole-vaulter upward and forward. If he/she jumps too early, there would not be enough elastic potential energy created to force him/her over the bar. Also if the pole-vaulter doesn’t run fast enough, there will not be the required kinetic energy to force him/her forward over the bar.

Conservation of energy also has another meaning and that is to ‘save’ energy. As the natural energy sources become scarcer it is important to learn how to save energy. One way of doing this is to create an energy efficient home. To create an energy efficient home there are many measures that can be taken to save energy, they include: solar energy, as the sun is a constant natural energy resource we can store that energy and use it to heat out water. ‘Sleep mode’ on computers, computers are definitely becoming more and more popular in homes,

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