The Conservative Movement Essay

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The conservative movement has played a crucial role in American politics in the post war era. Ronald Story and Bruce Laurie indentify various elements of the American conservatism. These elements include challenging authoritarian governments and modernist culture, upholding tradition, Christian religion and the rule of law, defending western civilization, and supporting republicanism. American conservatism has been characterized by competing ideologies and tension throughout history. The Americans who are politically liberal and economically conservative favor free trade, minimal state intervention, low taxes, and a small government. On the other hand, conservatives hold the view that American traditional values are normally undermined by …show more content…
Some historians and political scientists have maintained that the post-war conservatism merged three significant yet contradictory elements, which at first existed independently. These elements include anticommunism, traditionalism, and libertarianism. President Eisenhower who succeeded Truman won the election by promising to rectify Truman’s failures, which included communism, Korea and corruption. And when Eisenhower came to power, he promptly ended the war in Korea. The war in Korea was largely opposed by conservatives. Eisenhower’s administration advocated for modern republicanism that favored minimal government expenditure, a small government, and balanced budget. President Eisenhower continued to adhere to the welfare policies as stipulated in the Roosevelt’s new deal. Eisenhower also made endeavors to eliminate conflict among racial and economic groups, and promoted prosperity, peace, and social harmony (Story and Laurie 4). Conservatism in the 1950s was also promoted by writers. One of the writers who strongly opposed liberalism was Russell Kirk. Russell’s conservatism was influenced by the fact that he viewed both traditional and modern liberalism as acts that are of great significance as regards economic matters. According to him, liberalism did not take care of spiritual aspects of man. Hence,
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