The Consolidated Purchasing Program

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Federal Contracting The preferred method of federal contracting to manufacture uniforms for all Federal Conservation Land employees is the Consolidated Purchasing Program. Under the Consolidated Purchasing Program, the government contracts for multiple departments with a fixed area purchasing. Once a business has the contract, the government buys as they need for all departments with having to do future contracts for each purchase (Contracting Methods). The government uses sealed bidding when requirements are clear, accurate, and complete. Invitation For Bids (IFB) is issued and includes description of the product or service, instructions for preparing the bid, conditions for purchase, packaging, delivery, shipping and payment, contract clauses to be included, and the deadline for submitting bids. Sealed bids are opened in public, read aloud, and recorded. A contract is then awarded to the agency with the low bid. Firm fixed price contracts are used in sealed bidding (Subpart 14.1 - Use of Sealed Bidding). Negotiations is for contracts exceeding $100,000 and when necessitates a highly technical product or service. The government issues a Request for Proposal that requests the product or service and the price. The RFP is subject to negotiation after submission. When the government is checking out the possibility of acquiring a product or service, it issues a Request for Quotation. The bid is given to the one that gives the government the highest advantage or value.
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