The Conspiracy Of Atlantis

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Conspiracy theories are everywhere in this world, one thing happens and people turn it into something that may be true or may not be true. Atlantis is a conspiracy theory because no one truly knows if it exists or not. Atlantis is supposedly an island in the Atlantic Ocean that is better than life itself. Atlantis existed hundreds of thousands of years ago when the Greek gods ruled over the world. Poseidon ruled Atlantis with his mortal wife Cleito, and were chosen to protect all of Atlantis. Atlantean’s had powers that could heal the ill, and their army was the strongest in the world. With all that power something happened that is unknown and caused the Atlantean army to be wiped out in a day and a night. The same thing happened to the island itself, a catastrophic flood and earthquake took over Atlantis and caused it to fall into the ocean.

Atlantis was an extraordinary city that tragically and mysteriously vanished from a day and a night. The story that Plato said is that Atlantis was a island that was better than life itself, As Stemman stated in his book about Atlantis “Poseidon, Greek God of the sea and also of earthquakes was given Atlantis, and there he fell in love with a mortal called Cleito” (56). The city of Atlantis is a place that had questionable existence, Atlantis was a real naval power in the ancient world, but sunk into the ocean. Everything about it was extraordinary including the people that lived there. But something happened and it is to be
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