The Conspiracy Of Organized Religions

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A group of people using religion to manipulate the masses to oppose another grouping of people based on their own interpretation of faith; the conspiracy of organized religions is controlled, it is an easy way to take a group of people with like-minded beliefs group them together and manipulate them for an ulterior goal; our only goal should be to exist as good people and essentially that is what the core of all these faiths tell you but organized religion has taken that goal and twisted it for human made selfish ambitions of greed and power. Studies have shown that people who are the most religious believe more in magic and superstitious. “If we are so focused on a powerful “God” who controls our destiny, why do we not wonder who created?” questions like this come from those who have the strongest; belief in God himself (Carter 4). 70 percent of church goers do not fully believe in the back of their religion, or believe or what is supposed to happen after their death (Carter 5). With religious belief, there is no true religion. The more known religions is how an individual is born and raised into maturity. There are big differences in religion based on the theme of the nation. Most people who are born into a certain religion, there really is no changing it (Carter 6). In various parts of the world, mankind in based on superstition is the high advent of technology will slowly but surely distinigrate. Religion as it is, very few people will try and hold onto what they
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