Essay on The Conspirators Errored in Murdering Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar (100-44BC) was one of the greatest men produced by ancient Rome and he remains today a famous personality in world history (Barlow 2005). The conspirators were wrong to murder Julius Caesar in three ways. Firstly, they were morally wrong in the removal of Caesar. Secondly, they failed to consider a practical benefit to Rome in the murder of Caesar, resulting in only more problems. Lastly and most importantly, the conspirators were wrong to murder Julius Caesar because they placed their interests before those of Rome.

Julius Caesar had been accused to have wanted to be king and was disapproved as Cicero (Cicero Duties Ex. 3.83) expressed that a king `justifies the destruction of law and liberty'. Scullard (1988:151) sated
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Thus, the aristocrats should not have found a fault with him being dictator for life even if it went against their traditional beliefs, ultimately, the aristocrats of the Senate were suppose to govern Rome to the benefit of its people and Caesar's rule was proving the most beneficial. Meier (1996:18) stated Roman society had failed as a republic ruled by liberty and had faced many problems of organization, reorientation and integration. "Liberty" had failed to solve the problems that Caesar was now curing.

It can be argued that Caesar was growing old and tired as he stated that he had lived long enough (Syme 1939:56). It also can be argued that Caesar was starting to neglect the state as he was embarking on a new war for Parthia (Grant 1969:219). However, in light of all the reform that Caesar had brought about, Caesar was hailed Father of his Country (Grant 1969:227) and it seems unreasonable and disrespectful that the removal of his leadership would be justified just because he was growing old and weary.

The impracticality of the conspiracy can be seen in its ineffectiveness due to the conspirators' hypocritical approach to freedom. They failed to realize that they were expecting two contradictory things of the present population, that they should want to be free and at the same time take bribes (to support the conspirators' murder of Caesar) (Appian Civil Wars Ex.120). Gaius Matius (Letter) also supports the hypocritical nature of
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