The Constant Fighting of Reality in Death of a Salesman Essays

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The Constant Fighting of Reality in Death of a Salesman The real crisis in this tragedy lies in the constant fighting of reality. The number of lies that build up on the Loman family’s shoulders, shoots pain into the heart of the reader. You keep thinking, “Quit dodging the truth Willy…Don’t get your hopes up, it’ll never work…Why are you guys avoiding all Willy’s signs that he wants to commit suicide…Why am I getting my hopes up for a plan that I know will never work for them?” One delusional dream after the other, where does it stop? You keep wondering why Biff stands as the only Loman ready to face the truth. The first sign of Willy Loman’s confusion with facts appears in his constant contradictions and hypocritical behavior.…show more content…
He begs Howard to shut it off. Happy, Biff, and Willy come up with the idea of “The Loman Brothers”, a grandiose dream to the reader, but a promising reality to Happy and his Dad. Willy decides, “That is a one-million-dollar idea.” (p 1263) The only problem lies with a man named Oliver. Biff knew him years before and now Oliver’s expected to remember him and give him start and an endorsement with he and Happy’s “Loman Brothers” project. Inevitably, Oliver hardly remembers Biff and the plan fails. On the same day, Willy loses his job. He goes to meet his boys for a dinner to “celebrate”. He previously decided he wanted to hear some good news to tell Linda, regardless of the facts. Biff tries desperately to come clean with his father and tell him the truth about the rejection he took from Oliver. Unfortunately, Willy refuses to hear it and Happy learned the same method of dodging reality from his Dad. In the heated fight between Biff and Willy toward the climax of the play, Biff hauls out the rubber tubing he found in the cellar that he suspected his Dad wanted to use for his own hanging. Willy tries to weasel away from this real situation as well. Willy-What is that? Biff-You know goddam well what it is. Willy-I never saw that before. (p 1297) Willy spends more time then not contradicting his words. The advice he gives his sons, he hardly lives by. The example he strives to set for his boys appalls a hard-working laborer. Yet after

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