The Constitution And Justice, Fairness, And Equality For All Men

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Dr. Walter E. Williams, an economist and author, during his speech, “The Legitimate Role of Government in a Free Society,” stated, “A primary justification for the growth of government in our country, far beyond what the founders envisioned for us, is to promote fairness and justice.” Throughout history, through the modern education system, the media, and overall American culture, we are taught to believe that the original Constitution, written by our Founding Fathers, is a document promoting justice, fairness, and equality for all men. While this is not the position of some, I believe it to be entirely true. While there are many reasons that the Constitution promotes justice and fairness, I base my position on four important factors. The first is that it can be amended. The second is the establishing of checks and balances. The third is the freedom of expression. Finally, the fourth is the Bill of Rights. Through exploring these factors, we can see that the original Constitution was, in fact, a document that had the overall goodness and wellbeing of all men in mind. One reason why the Constitution is just and fair is that it can be amended. As culture, society, and even science change, so do how we view the law and the world around us. The Constitution was written with this in mind and allows a way for itself to be changed or amended. Lawyer, David C. Gibbs states in his book, “Understanding the Constitution” that, “America’s Constitution has changed very little in the
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