The Constitution And The American Constitution

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When our founding fathers decided to separate from England, it was understood that they would have to form their own government. Their first official form of government failed, but they learned from their mistakes and promptly followed up by making quite possibly the most successful constitution ever in 1776. To ensure that American citizens would enjoy their new freedom, our founders kept in mind what John Locke had said in his An Essay Concerning Human Understanding “life, liberty, and property,” by coining “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” into the final draft of the constitution. The constitution is important because it “exists to protect the rights of all citizens, and has no legitimate power to deprive any citizen or…show more content…
Compared to the United States’ 4,543 worded constitution, Texas’ constitution has nearly twenty times more words (87,000) (Collier). The national constitution has never been replaced; however, it has been amended twenty-seven times. Texas’s constitution has been replaced a total number of 5 times due to how detailed it is. Depending on the era, a constitution may have certain rules which as time progresses become more hurtful to its constituents. Only a century ago, women and people of color had little to no rights as a human being. It took America, “Land of the free”, a little more than a century to allow women to vote. It is obvious that the ability to amend a constitution is a valuable one. The issue in Texas is that it has had a unique history and vast spread of land; therefore, it’s constitution is quite detailed. Texas was once its own republic, it was one of the later states to be admitted to the United States, and that it occupies so much land that counties within its lines often differ drastically. Texas’ first constitution was made in 1836, when it stood as a country, there were no lower units of government, free African American people must have had permission by the Texas legislature to reside in the state, priests could not hold office (corruption in Mexico), slavery was legalized, and slaves could not be freed without permission from the legislature. Those

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