The Constitution And The Articles Of Confederation

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Davis Rush History 30 February 20, 2015 S. Chrissanthos The Constitution The Constitution replaced the articles of confederation in June of 1788. The founding fathers knew, by looking at historic documents from very prominent civilizations, what they did, and did not, want to add into the Constitution. The Constitution has been used for over two-hundred years to date, the longest constitution used in the world. There are many reasons that the Constitution was able to last for this long. Some of these reasons include the fact that it does not add in religious parts to it, it is strictly legal. Another reason may be that it was unprecedented, that is, having laws that the government could not break written down. The Constitution was also foolproof because it included a way for changing times to allow for a changing document. The amendment process is clearly detailed in the Constitution so that if ever needed, the document may be changed in order to suit the new ages. The Constitution was a necessary document to have in place in order to keep order in America. The Founders took just the right amount of power away from the president, and gave it to the other branches of power. Many people opposed the Constitution at first, for lacking many rights that people as well as the government should and shouldn’t have. Alexander Hamilton said, “It is true, as has been before observed that facts have produced a species of general assent to the abstract proposition that there exist
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