The Constitution And The Federal Government

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The Constitution was written so that the Federal Government would actually have some ability to govern unlike it had in the previous Articles of Confederation. They wished to establish a more organized justice system which under the Articles, was the States responsibility and could vary greatly from place to place. They also wanted the ability to raise an Army, to help protect its citizen’s lives and liberties. After The Revolution many of the founding fathers feared a large government and preferred smaller and more localized forms of government. And with that lead to the Articles of Confederation, the original governing documents, that assembled a very weak and decentralized Federal Government and the States had most of the power. Years later many of the founders did not feel that this was the best form of government, getting the States to assemble and agree on nearly any bill was impossible including funding for the Federal Governments very existence. The Federalists argued the Federal Government was powerless to protect its people without the means or money to raise an Army, they wished for a more universal way of doing things rather than the at-times chaos the States were creating. Some other arguments for a Federal Government was there was not a system in place to settle disputes between the states over boundaries and trade, some States charged high taxes on the goods and people from other States. Another argument made by the Federalists was in James Madison’s essay
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