The Constitution Of The Texas Constitution

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Bigger is not always better, in the case of the Texas Constitution having the second longest state Constitution and the fourth most amended Constitution in the United States, makes it a difficult and complicated document. The Texas Constitution has been rewritten a total of six times since becoming independent from Mexico. The most recent being the Constitution of 1876, which is excessively detailed and exact due to the framers fear of a strong state government. The framers of the constitution placed strategically in the body of the Constitution rules restricting the government’s power. Making it inconvenient and difficult to reform the current Texas Constitution. There are four key functions of a Constitution. One function is stating the source of power and authority for legitimate state political institutions. Also in a state Constitution is the delegation of power, which explains how powers are granted and used by institutions and individuals. Another function is to prevent the concentration of political power, by supplying political mechanism such as checks and balances. Lastly, a Constitution explains the limits of political power. The general basic of a state constitution is somewhat reflected in the current Texas Constitution. The framers of the Constitution of 1876 called for a strong popular control of the state government, public officials would be elected by the people. When it comes to the limits of political power the Texas Constitution passionately limits the
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