The Constitution Of The United States

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The constitution, the governing document of the United States, virtually perfect in its creation and given life through the thoughts, worries, and dreams of a few great and very intelligent men, it can be said to be the living law of the land, one that has grown and matured with society and the world of today. This document has performed amazingly in its ability to represent the people of its time and to allow room for interpretation of law in combination with society to allow it to continue to represent the people of the future. Created out of the desperation to preserve a struggling country, this document has been mirrored by others in order to create or recreate governments in many parts of the world. Still, despite of this, it seems that many in power within the United States at this time appear to struggle with the proper interpretation of this living law of the land, and instead manipulate government to achieve personnel agendas or personnel benefit in some fashion, while turning a near blind eye to any influence of constitutionality. So, in response to this, I feel that three amendments should be added to this great document, one out of the spirit of redundancy to illustrate the obvious, and the other two out of necessity to address issues of integrity and stability within government and society. These amendments reflect the issues of term limits to those within Congress, a religious freedom protection clause, and an American Integrity clause; the effects and…
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