The Constitution Of The United States Of America

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To measure affirmation action of the past, reach back to “The Constitution of the United States Of America”. Take a minute to think of the first three words of the Constitution, “We the People”. Those words, we the people in the year 1787 were not referring to a disadvantage class of people referenced within this paper. They being women and people of color. Progress has taken place in the 1900’s to include classes of people beyond the group of “White males” inferred in 1787, when the United States Constitution was signed. As for the past three centuries to date, Affirmative Action is necessary since the Constitution and laws have evolved with time.
Affirmative Action: when thinking of Affirmative Action, think of a systematic system of
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Affirmative action, is still needed today for many reasons relating to past, present and in ways of foreseeing into the future for the negative past not to repeat itself in the present or future. Affirmative action should continuously be reviewed by all groups of nationals in the present and future. Racial preferences were so unconstitutional that affirmative action was implemented to protect those individual ethnic groups which have been discriminated upon whether you were a United States citizen or not. There needed to be a way for all people to receive fair employment in society.
A way to achieve fair employment for all people happened when in 1961 then President John Kennedy, used the phrase “affirmative action” in the United States in which it attributed to Executive Oder 10925”. (Sterba, 2009, p.15) The reality was that businesses needed a way to hold accountability for employee’s r applicants to be treated fairly in promotion decisions and the hiring process. Employment discrimination and segregation was legal in the United States before 1964. White workers and black workers during that time almost never worked together in the same jobs, minorities were grouped in lower paying and less status jobs. During that era, white males held the professional jobs, managerial positions, and the highly
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